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22 December 2015

“Musethereal” – MakeFashion Gala 2016!

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I am very excited to officially announce that I will be creating a wearable technology piece for this year’s MakeFashion Gala happening on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 in Calgary, Alberta. Mark your calendars – this is going to be an absolutely amazing event! Some highlights from last year include a beautiful LED-lit Kimono, a dress that responds to Twitter data, and intricately designed prosthetic limb coverings. This is truly cutting edge stuff!

The title of my project is “Musethereal” and it is designed to show the interrelation of music and consciousness. During the MakeFashion Gala, I will perform while wearing a brainwave controlled LED dress that will light up and change colour according to what is happening in my brain. The runway will also feature two Psyleron Mind Lamps, which will show the cohesiveness of consciousness in the room with an interactive light display.

Think mesmerizing lights, mesmerizing music, mesmerized minds.

As some of you know, I studied Neuroscience in University and have long been fascinated with the human brain and consciousness. I also have a passion for research and an interest in how sound can be used therapeutically. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Crystal Phillips, Executive Director of the Branch Out Neurological Foundation here in Calgary, Alberta. Her foundation is incredibly unique in that they raise money to support neuroCAM Research (Neuroscience + Complementary and Alternative Modalities).  Their goal is to fund students and academics to engage in high quality scientific research into forms of healing and preventative care not traditionally studied by Western medicine. Their strategy is to drive the development of tomorrow’s treatment and care options for neurological disorders and increase neuroCAM awareness. With an aging global population and an increase in neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease, it is imperative that we put a focus on understanding the human nervous system and the mechanisms that underly neurological disorders. In keeping with this, I have pledged my full support to The Branch Out Neurological Foundation and will use both the Musethereal MakeFashion project and the release of my debut album to promote awareness of neuroCAM research and this amazing organization. Please head on over to their website to learn more and become involved/make a donation:

I am so happy to be able to share this exciting news with you all and I promise to give you regular updates on our team’s progress. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (links are posted below) to receive updates, photos, and videos. We are already well underway with the design process, and the gathering of materials and expertise. My next task is to work on production of the album and get that all underway for release in Spring 2016. It will be a busy few months, but well worth it! Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes for the New Year!

Love and Light,

Angie C

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